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Louvre Abu Dhabi - Skip The Line Tickets

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  • Skip the ticket purchase queue with this priority access ticket.
  • Admire the gorgeous views of the sea and Abu Dhabi's skyline as you walk towards the mesmerizing dome.
  • See over 35,000 artworks from around the world, with an emphasis on Eastern and Western styles.
  • In the museum galleries, admire the works of renowned artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Claude Monet, and Jackson Pollock.
  • Don’t miss out on the exhibitions that the Louvre hosts every year in partnership with French museums.
  • New works on loan include Haystacks, End of Summer by Claude Monet, Old Man in Front of Children's Tombs by Osman Hamdi Bey, and Caravans, Gypsy Camp near Arles by Vincent van Gogh. You can also see The Bellelli Family by Edgar Degas and Southern Landscape by Pierre Bonnard.
  • Shop for a souvenir from the cozy little boutique shop on your way out.
  • Download the free app on your Android or iOS device so you can fully explore the artwork and navigate the museum. Don't forget your headphones!
  • Be sure to check out the exciting exhibition ‘Emotions! The new art adventure’ at the Children's Museum, showing till May 2023. Perfect for families with younger kids between 4 -10.
  • Important Note: In line with government guidelines, all guests must show a ‘Green’ status on the Alhosn app to enter the museum (14 days PCR required when fully vaccinated, 48 hours when unvaccinated).
  • Please note the COVID-19 rules are changing regularly. You can find the most recent information here.

Free entry for:

  • UAE residents aged under 18
  • UAE senior nationals and residents aged 60+
  • Art Club members with one guest
  • Youth and Teacher Pass holders
  • ICOM/ICOMOS Card Holders, journalists
  • People of Determination with one companion

Reduced-price tickets for:

  • UAE school teachers
  • College teachers
  • University faculty
  • Members of the UAE military
  • These tickets can't be cancelled or rescheduled.

Louvre Abu Dhabi Reopens Post COVID-19

After 100 days of closure to control the spread of the pandemic, Louvre Abu Dhabi has reopened its doors for visitors from 24 June 2020. It has reopened following all the safety precautions and updated guidelines of the local and the national authorities to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience for all its visitors.

COVID Safety Measures & Guidelines At Louvre Abu Dhabi

  • All museum visitors must wear masks.
  • Gloves are not required, but if they are not worn, hands must be washed or sanitized on a regular basis.
  •  Throughout the museum, social distancing measures (2m) are in place.
  • To enter the museum, all visitors must be vaccinated. They should have a 'Green' status on the Alhosn app, as per the government regulations.
  •  It is recommended that visitors must download the Museum’s free app to fully explore the artworks and navigate the place because paper maps and brochures will not be available there. 

Why Visit Louvre Abu Dhabi?

Louvre Abu Dhabi Tickets Why Visit
  • The legendary Louvre Museum Abu Dhabi is the Arab World's first universal museum, translating and encouraging a culture of openness. 
  • This art lover's heaven is located in the heart of Saadiyat Island's Saadiyat Cultural District. It features works of historical, cultural, and sociological significance from antiquity to the modern era.
  • The museum's permanent collection contains around 700 artworks. There are also groups of artworks from all different periods and various civilizations.
  • Visitors are led through a chronological and theme-based display that spans various eras and civilizations.

Your Louvre Abu Dhabi Tickets Explained

Louvre Abu Dhabi: Skip The Line Tickets

Discounted Louvre Abu Dhabi Tickets

Book your Abu Dhabi Louvre Museum tickets online to enjoy amazing deals and discounts on your tickets. With your Abu Dhabi Louvre Museum tickets, children under the age of 18 can enjoy free entry while UAE school teachers, college teachers, university faculty, and members of the UAE military can explore the attraction with tickets of reduced pricing. Journalists, Members of the Louvre Abu Dhabi's Art Club Loyalty Program, Members of the International Council of Museums, Members of the International Council on Monuments and Sites, and disabled visitors plus one companion of theirs too enjoy free admission.

What is the Best Way to Buy Louvre Abu Dhabi Tickets? Book Online 

There are two ways of getting admission tickets to the Louvre Abu Dhabi- one option is to stand in the usual 2-hour long ticketing lines in the sultry heat of Abu Dhabi, and the next option is to book your Louvre Abu Dhabi tickets from the comfort of your home and get instant confirmation of your booking. Booking your tickets online has several other advantages as well.

  • Advance Booking: By purchasing your Louvre Abu Dhabi tickets online, you get to book your slots in advance as you get instant confirmation on your booking along with mobile tickets.
  • Convenience: Purchasing your tickets online helps you confirm your slots while sitting at the comfort of your home or while on the go, while for the alternate option of offline booking, you have to spend about 2 hours standing under the sun in front of the ticket counter to get your admission tickets.
  • Best Deals: Purchasing your tickets online helps you enjoy the best deals and discounts on your ticket while ensuring you book your ticket for the time slots that are convenient for you.

Louvre Abu Dhabi Highlights

Louvre Abu Dhabi Collection Highlights

Louvre Abu Dhabi Collection Highlights

These are the highlights from the permanent collection of the Louvre Abu Dhabi, which includes 120 masterpieces, will allow you to look deeper into thousands of years of human creativity across societies, empires, and continents.

Louvre Abu Dhabi Tickets

Louvre Abu Dhabi Collection

The Louvre Abu Dhabi’s growing collection of treasures includes important artworks and artifacts from all over the world, spanning the entirety of human history, and is displayed across 6,400 square meters of galleries. It displays a collection from different time periods, approximately from 520 BCE to 2008, and is divided into various collections.

Louvre Abu Dhabi Tickets

Louvre Museum Galleries

The museum galleries tell a chronological history of human creativity by exploring mutual ideas and issues that have defined common humanity from prehistoric times to the current time.

  1. Wing 1: Gallery 1- First Village, Gallery 2- First Great Powers,  and Gallery 3- Civilization & Empires. 
  2. Wing 2: Gallery 4- Universal Religions, Gallery 5- Asian Trade Routes, and Gallery 6- From The Mediterranian To Atlantic.
  3. Wing 3: Intersection, Gallery 7- Cosmography, Gallery 8- Thinking the State, and Gallery 9- A New Art of Living.
  4. Wing 4: Gallery 10- Modern World, Gallery 11- Challenging Modernity, and Gallery 12 For The Air.
Louvre Abu Dhabi Children’s Museum & Exhibitions

Children’s Museum & Exhibitions

At the Louvre Museum Abu Dhabi, there is also a children's museum where children can explore the hidden world of feelings in artworks. Artists from various backgrounds and cultures have always paid close attention to how they represented emotions in their works throughout history. The Children's Museum adventure invites children to investigate the universal topic of emotions and the messages they carry in art, whether it's through a specific face, gesture, color, or shape.

The different exhibitions that have taken place in Louvre Museum Abu Dhabi are:-

  • A Costume Adventure
  • Animals, Between Real and Imaginary
  • Traveling Shapes and Colors
  • Emotions! The New Art Adventure.
Louvre Abu Dhabi Tickets

Activities & Programmes

There are various activities and programs that take place at the Louvre Museum Abu Dhabi. 

  • Yoga Under the Dome: The twice-daily yoga sessions under the dome at the Louvre Abu Dhabi will help you relax and find inner peace.
  • Drawing at the Museum: A eight-week-long program was held, with a Museum Educator to enjoy a 30-minute exploration of an artwork, practice sketching, and learn about various aspects of drawing. 
  • Picnic in the park: Take advantage of the nice weather by visiting the museum park for the first picnic in the park.
  • Art Here 2021; Richard Mille Art Prize
  • Online Masterclasses with Emirati Artists

Plan Your Visit To Louvre Abu Dhabi

Getting There
Cafe & Lounge
Louvre Abu Dhabi Timings
  • Timings: Tuesday to Sunday- 10 AM to 6 PM
  • Closed On: Monday.
  • Last Entry: 5.30 PM; Guests must leave by 6.30 PM
Louvre Abu Dhabi Tickets

Address: Saadiyat, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates.

Find it on the map

  • By Bus: Bus Route: 94 
    Nearest Bus Stop: Saadiyat Island
  • By Car: Distance From Airport: 36.9km
    Taxi Drop Off Point: In front of Louvre Abu Dhabi’s visitor car park.
Louvre Abu Dhabi Tickets
  • Aptitude Cafe:  Daily: 9 AM to 10 PM. 
  • Museum Cafe: Daily 12 PM to 6 PM. Closed on: Monday.
  • Art Lounge: Daily: 3 PM to 11 PM. Last Orders at 10:30 PM. Closed On: Monday.
  • Fouquet’s Abu Dhabi: Tuesday to Sunday: 12 PM to 12 AM. Thursday and Friday: 12 PM to 1 AM. Closed On: Monday.
  • Marta Bar: Tuesday to Sunday: 12 PM to 12 AM; Thursday to Friday: 12 PM to 1 AM. Last Order timings: Half an hour before closing hours. Closed On: Monday.
Accessibility Louvre Abu Dhabi
  • Valet Parking is available.
  • Wi-Fi is available for free throughout the museum.
  • There are cloakrooms on the premises.
  • ATM service near the ticket counter.
  • Wheelchairs & Strollers are available for loan.
  •  Restrooms
  • Prayer Rooms:12:00 PM to 6:30 PM.
  • First Aid: Level -1
  • Boutique: Tuesday to Sunday: 10 AM to 6:30 PM. Closed On: Monday.

Visitor Tips

  • Please purchase your Louvre Museum Abu Dhabi tickets in advance. You can choose your preferred time slot when purchasing your tickets.
  • There will be no paper maps or brochures available at the museum, so to fully explore the artworks and navigate the museum, download the museum's free app. Make sure you have your headphones with you.
  • Without the Museum's prior written permission, commercial photography, filming, and recording are strictly prohibited. 
  • The Museum does not prohibit visitors, staff, or others from photographing, filming, or recording for non-commercial purposes.
  • Make sure you have your headphones with you.

All Your Questions About Louvre Abu Dhabi Tickets Answered

Q. Where can I buy Louvre Abu Dhabi Tickets?

A. You can buy the Louvre Abu Dhabi tickets online.

Q. Are Louvre Abu Dhabi Tickets available online?

A. Yes, Louvre Abu Dhabi tickets are available online.

Q. Is Louvre Abu Dhabi now open?

A. Yes, Louvre Abu Dhabi is now open for visitors keeping in mind all the important guidelines of COVID-19. Special measures and safety rules are also implied in the museum.

Q. Why is Louvre Abu Dhabi so famous?

A. The Louvre Abu Dhabi is so famous because it is a one-of-a-kind museum with ancient and contemporary art and artifacts. It is surrounded by water.

Q. Is Louvre Abu Dhabi related to Louvre Paris?

A. The Louvre Abu Dhabi is an Emirati entity that is separate from the Louvre in Paris. They are related to each other by a thirty-year agreement signed by the two governments in March 2007 that covers a variety of topics, including the Louvre name license till 2037.

Q. When was Louvre Abu Dhabi created?

A. The Louvre Abu Dhabi is the Arab world's first universal museum, having been established as a result of March 6, 2007, an intergovernmental agreement between France and the United Arab Emirates.

Q. Which artworks or artifacts are housed at Louvre Abu Dhabi?

A. Vincent van Gogh's Self-Portrait, and Auguste Rodin's Jean d'Aire, are among the highlights. A white marble Head of Buddha from China, as well as numerous other works of art from various periods, are among the ancient masterpieces.

Q. Does Louvre Abu Dhabi host any activities or programs?

A. Yes, Louvre Abu Dhabi hosts many activities and programs like Picnic in the park, Online Masterclasses with Emirati Artists, and many more. You can participate in these activities and programs.

Q. Where is Louvre Abu Dhabi located?

A. The Louvre Abu Dhabi is situated in the Saadiyat Island Cultural District of Abu Dhabi. Saadiyat Island is a huge, close-to-the-bottom island 500 meters off the shoreline of Abu Dhabi.

Q. What are the opening hours and timings of Louvre Abu Dhabi?

A. The Louvre Abu Dhabi is open Tuesday through Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 6.30 p.m. Mondays are closed. The last time slot for visitors is 5:30 p.m., and they must leave by 6:30 p.m.

Q. Is it safe to visit Louvre Abu Dhabi post-COVID?

A. It is safe to visit the Louvre Abu Dhabi as it follows all the safety protocols and guidelines, which includes regular deep cleaning and sanitization of all public spaces along with Covid-appropriate behavior.

Q. Is the Louvre Abu Dhabi worth visiting?

A. Yes, the Louvre Abu Dhabi is worth visiting. It has a modern design with water and light elements throughout, and it's a lovely place to visit to see the many works of art.