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The largest aquarium in the Middle East is home to 46,000 sea animals of more than 300 species. This 10-million-litre aquarium, located in Al Qana, is among the most popular tourist destinations in Abu Dhabi. You can watch sharks, rays, pythons, super snakes, great barracudas, and pythons live at the aquarium, and also enjoy adrenaline rush activities like shark encounters and shark feeding. The Abu Dhabi National Aquarium was opened on November 12th 2021, and in just one year, it has attracted over 10 million people from across the world. It is open all days of the year, so you can visit it anytime on your trip to Abu Dhabi.

Why Should You Visit Abu Dhabi National Aquarium?

Why Should You Visit Abu Dhabi National Aquarium?
  • Middle East's Largest Aquarium - The Abu Dhabi National Aquarium is a 10-million-litre aquarium, about 9,000 square metres in area, which makes it the largest aquarium in the Middle East. It also has a small jungle within the premises.
  • Wide Variety of Species - The National Aquarium is home to 46,000 sea animals. You will find jellyfish, different types of amphibians, fishes, sharks, rays, super snakes and a seven-metre-long python.
  • Unique Exhibits - There are more than 60 exhibits in the Abu Dhabi National Museum, which aim to educate people about the different species living inside. Learn more about the underwater world here.
  • Adrenaline Rush Activities - Always wanted to swim with the sharks? Do it in a closed and monitored area with activities like Shark Encounter and Shark Feeding. See the ferocious yet magnificent animals through your own eyes.

Zones in Abu Dhabi National Aquarium

Explore every unique area that the National Aquarium Abu Dhabi has to offer with these 10 zones that will prove to be equally informative and loads of fun at the same time!

UAE's National Treasures

1. UAE's National Treasures

The Abu Dhabi National Aquarium has a National Treasure Zone where you can learn about the rich history of Abu Dhabi's fishing, especially pearls. It educates the visitors about the different stages of pearl formation. The region of Al Qana, where the Abu Dhabi National Aquarium is located, is close to a small fishing village formed in the 19th century. Throughout history, fishing contributed extensively to the country's economy. Watch and learn about the different species that make up the rich biodiversity of the United Arab Emirates and get to know more about how oysters make pearls and how the locals thrived on selling pearls in the past.

Red Sea Wreck

2. Red Sea Wreck

Shipwreck explorers are archaeologists of the sea. Red Sea Wreck takes you through the ruins of the Arabian Red Sea, bringing you close to underwater wildlife and the real treasures buried deep inside the ocean bed. Get close to the sea animals and explore the Arabian Red Sea like shipwreck explorers for a day at the Red Sea Wreck zone. Get a peek into the wide range of flora and fauna of the Arabian Red Sea. Find the Red Sea ruins yourself and see the other treasures unearthed by explorers.

Atlantic Caves

3. Atlantic Caves

Fan of explorations? You will love to visit the Atlantic Caves zone at the Abu Dhabi National Aquarium. It takes you through the different species of the sea that like setting up their homes inside underwater caves and crevices. See where lobsters, sea sponges and other small sea animals hide to save themselves from predators at the Atlantic Caves zone.Witness the beauty of the Atlantic Ocean Sea caves that are home to many species of the sea and watch the species protect themselves from sea predators.

The Sub

4. The Sub

Never been on a submarine before? That will change when you go to the Abu Dhabi National Aquarium and take a ride inside the submarine in the Sub zone. Watch the marine animals in their natural and undisturbed environment through submarines, and you might catch a glimpse of mollusks living deep inside the ocean. Spot Abu Dhabi National Aquarium's Nautilus, a mollusk which is part of the squid family and get the once-in-a-lifetime experience of exploring the sea bed inside a submarine.

Ring of Fire

5. Ring of Fire

Based on the Pacific Ocean's well-known volcanic range known as the Rings of Fire, the Ring of Fire zone inside the Abu Dhabi National Aquarium is a must-see. While volcanoes can wash away human civilization, they enrich the earth with much-needed natural resources that have been exploited over the years. You will get to know why Rings of Fire are important for the earth. Learn about the different species found near the Pacific Ocean's Rings of Fire and how they survive and educate yourself about the Rings of Fire and what makes them an important source of nutrients.

Ocean Magic

6. Ocean Magic

Life inside the oceans is unpredictable. Being on the other side, watching the uproars of the waters, tells us a lot. But imagine just how fascinating yet challenging it would be to be living inside it. Ocean Magic zone of the Abu Dhabi National Aquarium tells you how various animals adapt to the always evolving life inside the oceans, the different adjustments they have to make and why the ocean continues to be their habitat despite the various dangers it poses. See how marine animals have adapted to ocean life over the years across the world and explore the different kinds of species that have evolved to survive life inside the ocean.

Frozen Ocean

7. Frozen Ocean

The Arctic Ocean, the northernmost part of the earth, is a frozen ocean. One would wonder how it is possible for life to survive in such freezing temperatures. But life always finds a way! The Frozen Ocean zone shows you how life still prevails inside the Arctic Ocean and the types of species that live inside and around it. Many sea birds live in the cold temperatures of the Arctic Ocean. Learn about how they have adapted to life there and get an insight into the different kinds of marine animals and plants that thrive inside the Arctic Ocean.

The Flooded Forest

8. The Flooded Forest

Trees, canopies, the calming sound of water and clean air - the Flooded Forest is regarded as the best zone of the Abu Dhabi National Aquarium. It gives you the experience of a real rainforest within the aquarium, with all the birds and marine animals singing together in a symphony. You can also feed the birds inside the zone. You will find different kinds of birds here that chirp throughout the day and breathe life inside the aquarium. Learn some fascinating facts about rainforests, their contribution towards preserving our ecosystem and their wildlife.

Bu Tinah Island

9. Bu Tinah Island

Every country has a place that is its little secret, one that they do not want to share with the world to preserve its beauty. The United Arab Emirates has Bu Tinah Island, located inside the waters of Abu Dhabi. You can find a glimpse of this spectacular island at the Abu Dhabi National Aquarium. It has coral reefs, tall mangrove trees and rich flora and fauna. Don't miss the lively coral reefs you will find in this zone. Bu Tinah island is known for its coral reef. Learn more about the different kinds of marine animals that live inside the shallow waters of the Bu Tinah islands.

Animal Encounter

10. Animal Encounter

Want to swim with the freshwater rays or feed the puffins? The Abu Dhabi National Aquarium has many such experiences where you get to interact with different marine and surface animals. Take an underwater dive and watch rays and sharks glide through the water or make friends with the many fishes who are waiting to be fed by warm human beings. Take the Jungle Encounter Pass and come face-to-face with freshwater rays. Buy the Arctic Encounter Pass and feed fish to puffins. Snoop is the aquarium's friendliest puffin.

Visitors Tips

  • To ensure that you have quality time at the aquarium, visit during the weekdays or between 10:00 AM to 1:00 PM. 
  • Book your National Aquarium Abu Dhabi tickets online and skip witing lines at the entrance. It will save you a lot of time. You can also get the best deals on your tickets.
  • The Abu Dhabi National Aquarium is fully wheelchair accessible. If you have any special requests, contact the aquarium, and they will accommodate your requests.
  • Parking is ample and free inside the Al Qana, where the aquarium is located.
  • Use public transport to reach the aquarium. It will be the cheaper option and will also save you a lot of time. You can opt for a bus or a local taxi.
  • Smoking, alcohol consumption and doing professional photography without permission are strictly prohibited inside the aquarium premises.
  • Get an All Access Pass to explore all areas of the Abu Dhabi National Aquarium in one day.
  • Ideally, you should spend about 4-5 hours at the aquarium to make the most of your visit.
  • If you or anyone in your group has a heart condition, it is advised not to go for activities like shark encounters and shark feeding.

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Frequently Asked Questions about the National Aquarium Abu Dhabi Zones

Q. What is Abu Dhabi National Aquarium?

A. The Abu Dhabi National Aquarium is the largest aquarium in the Middle East. It is about 9,000 square metres in area and has 10 million litres of water. It is one of the most popular attractions in Abu Dhabi.

Q. Where is Abu Dhabi National Aquarium located?

A. The Abu Dhabi National Aquarium is located in the Al Qana area of Abu Dhabi. The official address is Al Qana - Rabdan - Al Maqta' - Abu Dhabi - United Arab Emirates.

Q. How many zones does the Abu Dhabi National Aquarium have?

A. The Abu Dhabi National Aquarium has 9 zones. They are UAE's National Treasures, Red Sea Wreck, Atlantic Caves, The Sub, Ring of Fire, Ocean Magic, Frozen Ocean, The Flooded Forest and Bu Tinah Island. There is also an Animal Encounter zone where you can interact with marine animals.

Q. How big is the Abu Dhabi National Aquarium?

A. The Abu Dhabi National Aquarium is a 10-million-litre aquarium spread across 9,000 square metres.

Q. How many animals are in the Abu Dhabi National Aquarium?

A. The Abu Dhabi National Aquarium has 46,000 marine and surface animals of over 300 species. Sharks, rays, pythons, puffins, super snakes and other sea creatures are a part of the aquarium family.

Q. Is Abu Dhabi National Aquarium worth it?

A. The Abu Dhabi National Aquarium is a must-visit for anyone who visits Abu Dhabi. It gives you an insight into the life of marine animals and gets you face-to-face with some of the most ferocious sea animals in the world.