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Watch the grace of Beluga whales performing synchronized leaps at SeaWorld Abu Dhabi. Dive deeper to find manta rays and dolphins gliding through crystal-clear waters. Are you ready for this underwater world?

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What is SeaWorld Abu Dhabi?

Opened in May 2023, SeaWorld Abu Dhabi offers a unique double attraction on Yas Island. It's a marine life theme park, with over 100,000 fascinating animals across eight themed realms and 75 interactive experiences and rides. They house Yas SeaWorld Research & Rescue Center, the UAE's first dedicated marine rescue and rehab center actively involved in marine conservation efforts for the Arabian Gulf and beyond.

Here, you can interact with dolphins, see the sharks and jellyfish up close, and experience recreated polar regions and coral reefs.

Why is SeaWorld Abu Dhabi famous?

SeaWorld Abu Dhabi has only been around since May 2023, so it's still gaining worldwide recognition. However, it's quickly becoming famous for a few key reasons:

  • World record holder: SeaWorld Abu Dhabi holds the Guinness World Record title for housing the world's largest indoor marine-life theme park filled with diverse marine life.
  • Home to over 100,000 animals: The sheer number and variety of creatures, from dolphins and sharks to seals and penguins, offer an unparalleled experience for visitors of all ages.
  • Focussed on education and conservation: The park integrates interactive experiences and educational shows, while the Yas SeaWorld Research & Rescue Center contributes to marine life preservation in the region.

Top SeaWorld Abu Dhabi rides

At SeaWorld Abu Dhabi, the rides are as amazing as the underwater world they celebrate. Here are some of the top rides here.

Manta Coaster

Height Restrictions

  • Minimum height: 4.2 feet
  • Maximum height: 6.3 feet

Hold onto your hats (or fins?) because this exhilarating ride takes you face-to-face with majestic manta rays. You'll soar, swoop, and dive along a twisting track, feeling the wind in your hair and the adrenaline pumping through your veins. It's a coaster unlike any other, and it's sure to leave you breathless!

Jelly Plunge

Height restrictions

  • Minimum height: 2.9 feet (if accompanied by a responsible adult)
  • Minimum height: 3.9 feet (if unaccompanied)
  • Maximum height: 6.39 feet

If you've ever dreamt of being a jellyfish, now's your chance! This ride takes you on a journey up and down a giant water column, surrounded by colorful lights and energetic music. It's a disorienting, delightful experience that will have you giggling all the way through.

Eel Racer

Height restrictions

  • Minimum height: 3.2 feet (if accompanied by a responsible adult)
  • Minimum height: 3.9 feet (if unaccompanied)
  • Maximum height: 6.3 feet

Calling all competitive people! This underwater race track lets you hop on a jet ski and speed through a winding course. You'll race against your friends and family while dodging eels and other sea creatures. Just remember, it's not about winning or losing, it's about having a whale of a time (pun intended).

Explorers' Sea Base

Height restrictions

  • Minimum height: 2.4 feet (toddlers area)
  • Minimum height: 2.9 feet (Holdfast area)
  • Minimum height: 3.6 feet (other areas)

Calling all junior water lovers! This interactive play zone is like a mini-SeaWorld all its own. Kids can climb through nets, crawl through tunnels, and even steer their little submarines. It's a great place for them to burn off energy while learning about the ocean and its fascinating creatures.

Hypersphere 360°

Height Restrictions

  • Minimum height: 3.9 feet
  • Maximum height 6.3 feet

Dive into a whole new world with this mind-bending 360° cinema experience. Strap in and prepare to be transported to incredible underwater locations, from coral reefs teeming with life to the ocean's depths. It's a truly immersive adventure that will leave you feeling like you've been swimming with the fishes!

Turtle Twist

Height restrictions:

  • Minimum height: 3.4 feet (if accompanied by a responsible adult)
  • Minimum height: 3.9 feet (if unaccompanied)
  • Maximum height: 6.3 feet

This spinning teacup ride takes you on a whimsical journey through a colorful underwater world. It's the perfect ride for a relaxing break between all the thrills and chills.

What’s inside SeaWorld Abu Dhabi?

SeaWorld Abu Dhabi offers a variety of experiences for the whole family. Here's a breakdown of its highlights:

Eight immersive realms

Dive deep into carefully recreated aquatic environments. Explore the vibrant coral reefs teeming with colorful fish in The Reef, or witness the majestic penguins and beluga whales of the Frozen Tundra. Each realm, like One Ocean with its 360-degree shows, offers a unique view into the wonders of the underwater world.

Thrilling rides and interactive experiences

Get your adrenaline pumping on rides like the high-speed Manta coaster or experience the beauty of the ocean firsthand through interactive elements. The park caters to all ages with a variety of experiences, from educational touch pools to feeding demonstrations.

Unforgettable expeditions

Go on a virtual expedition beneath the Arctic ice cap in Beneath the Ice, or take a boat tour through a recreated wetland environment in Seaway. These immersive experiences allow you to explore the hidden depths of the ocean and learn about the fascinating creatures that thrive there.

Educational Shows

SeaWorld Abu Dhabi isn't just about the rollercoasters. Educational shows like the One Epic Ocean spectacular raise awareness about the importance of ocean conservation. Learn about the delicate balance of marine ecosystems and the threats they face.

Dining and Shopping

After a day of exploration, unwind and refuel at one of the park's 17 dining options. Choose from a variety of cuisines or grab a quick snack. To commemorate your visit, browse through the 13 retail outlets offering souvenirs and ocean-themed merchandise.

Frequently asked questions about SeaWorld Abu Dhabi

What are the different areas of SeaWorld Abu Dhabi?

The park features eight unique realms, each showcasing a different aquatic environment, from coral reefs to frozen tundras.

What kind of rides and experiences are offered?

There are thrilling rides like the Manta Coaster, interactive experiences like touch pools, and educational shows like the One Epic Ocean spectacular.

What about shows and entertainment?

SeaWorld Abu Dhabi offers a variety of educational shows focused on marine life conservation and the beauty of the underwater world.

Is there a place to eat and shop at the park?

Absolutely! With 17 dining options and 13 retail stores, you can find several food options and ocean-themed souvenirs. The restaurants can create food based on your food preferences and allergies.

Is SeaWorld Abu Dhabi open year-round?

Yes, the Seaworld Abu Dhabi is open daily from 10am to 6pm.

Is there anything special for young children?

Absolutely! Many realms and experiences are designed to be engaging and educational for younger visitors. Your kids will have a blast in MicroOcean, a giant play area shrunk to plankton size, the penguin-themed Penguin Play structure. The park has interactive experiences that spark curiosity with touch pools and activities like controlling robotic arms. Captivating shows and kid-friendly menus ensure a memorable visit for the whole family.

Does SeaWorld Abu Dhabi focus on conservation efforts?

Yes, the park houses the UAE's first dedicated Yas SeaWorld Research & Rescue Center, which is actively involved in protecting marine life in the region.

How much time should I spend at SeaWorld Abu Dhabi?

With over 100 animal experiences, rides, shows, and dining options, a full day is recommended to fully explore SeaWorld Abu Dhabi.

Which are the must-visit attractions in SeaWorld Abu Dhabi?

SeaWorld Abu Dhabi is an underwater wonderland for everyone. Here, you will explore eight realms of marine life, from the poles to the tropics. You can visit the world's largest aquarium, home to over 100,000 amazing marine animals. You also have the opportunity to participate in interactive experiences with the animals, go on

What is SeaWorld Abu Dhabi known for?

SeaWorld Abu Dhabi holds the title of the Middle East's first marine life theme park, with the world's largest aquarium teeming with diverse marine flora and fauna. SeaWorld Abu Dhabi prioritizes education and conservation through interactive experiences and a dedicated research and rescue center.